1. in a world that creates madmen and madwomen, it is important to create things that represent light and easiness; to soften the blows of hard days; to keep rooms and cells empty in the institutions, hospitals, and jails everywhere.

    words and photos by Jay Halsey

  2. "Power destroys," Larry told them, "and the lack of it creates a world of misfits." - Charles Bukowski, Septuagenarian Stew

    photos by Jay Halsey


    critics are far and wide, like white mold across the null-and-voids. they strike with the paltry will of a viral self-doubt; with blame that has no true substance; with minds feeble and loose from little experience. their mouths dribble like breathing wounds.

    they hate you. they hate your language. they hate your pride and grit. they hate your capacity to eat shit with a wink and a smile.


    for they do not accept art. and that which thrives without a secure allocation inside the mass will surely go ignored. if not easily dismissed, your facility should be, will be,

    has got to be,


    their fear is your shot in the dark; your apple seed on the hard earth:

    it is what happens when nothing else will.

    words and photos by Jay Halsey 


  4. this ain’t poetry

    Some days  Almost all nights  After some days 

    I would wall myself  From everything  Living and otherwise

    On that night  I sat and ate peanuts  Watering my mostly-dead house fern

    Listening to cars splash through puddles  Of a retreating thunderstorm

    And I sometimes questioned  Like that night and others before it

    How could I face another round  Of the everyday  Tomorrow?

    The hope was all but lost  When shackled by a work week  That no longer worked

    I pondered those thoughts  As I had 500 times before  Wondering why I hadn’t any beer  To wash away the apathy  Or the nuts

    Better off without I thought  As I watched  My poor plant die right before me

    words and photos by jay halsey

  5. we reach for original things, original thoughts, yearning to strangle the tired, listless currents of those who defecated on paths before us, demanding more than a firm squeeze in the shadows of banality and a gas station rose. 

    words and photos by jay halsey

  6. the unwavering buzz of the streets can silence a man’s heart. half-spent storms point down the wrong avenues, as a dim moon hangs unnoticed and drowning in fluorescent tides. all the buses are parked, and the air weighs heavy of routine defeat. nothing new is lost. nothing new is gained. 

    words and photos by jay halsey

  7. the affairs of our creation have become the instruments of our destruction. like a cancerous flower bounding forth from a desire and need more omnipotent than god. it is the sanctified. it is the damned. it is the taproot of our humanity.

    words and photos by jay halsey

  8. one gives cause to the other, and if the first doesn’t kill you off, you’re sure to die trying with the second.

    words and photos by jay halsey


  9. "Don’t ask me anything. I’ve seen that things find their void when they search for direction. There is a sorrow of holes in the unopened air, and in my eyes clothed creatures—undenuded!"
    — Federico Garcia Lorca
  10. eyes flush with a heavy murk, and all the tissues are damp dead leaves. we sift through shallow speculations. we wait for storms. we wait for signals. neither arrive.

    words and photos by jay halsey

  11. waiting on the things that have already been lost in life will not only make us weak, and unhinge an otherwise sound mind, but it’s also a tremendous waste of time.

    words and photos by jay halsey

  12. a sour air pets and prods at the bits of flesh. the self wants more self, and virtue never stood a chance.

    words and photos by jay halsey

  13. the well has run dry beneath a murderous noontime sun, and day laborers lean against a scorching brick wall, licking their dry worm lips while rolling toothpick thin cigarettes.

    words and photos by jay halsey

  14. we spin webs without forethought of a recoil.  the institutions we fight so hard to destroy today are the ones that we created yesterday.

    words and photos by jay halsey

  15. it will come as beauty and grace and everything good; as your friend, bearing no sign of the malevolence that lies beyond the facade. 

    words and photos by jay halsey