1. it’s a bone rank world, and all the bootstraps have snapped. a violent lethargy strangles the air, and the coffee is late. here, no hope grows and no hope will: only addiction and half-spent storms pointed wrongly at faces with stories more like epics, and less like fairy tales. everything stinks of damp defeat, and too much time.

    the wood swells.

    the heart shrinks.

    a heavy anvil sun crushes everything it touches. and the spider webs spun in dark are now most apparent in the first fires of dawn. it’s a bone rank world; even the in-between lines hold no answers.

    words and photos by Jay Halsey


  2. this ain’t poetry

    Some days  Almost all nights  After some days 

    I would wall myself  From everything  Living and otherwise

    On that night  I sat and ate peanuts  Watering my mostly-dead house fern

    Listening to cars splash through puddles  Of a retreating thunderstorm

    And I sometimes questioned  Like that night and others before it

    How could I face another round  Of the everyday  Tomorrow?

    The hope was all but lost  When shackled by a work week  That no longer worked

    I pondered those thoughts  As I had 500 times before  Wondering why I hadn’t any beer  To wash away the apathy  Or the nuts

    Better off without I thought  As I watched  My poor plant die right before me

    words and photos by jay halsey